Bear Fox Babe is a destination for quality products at an affordable price.  We encourage our babes to be their foxiest by creating a welcoming atmosphere, honest styling advice and offering pieces that will serve a purpose for time to come.

Bear Fox Babe was discovered by Macy Della in 2015, and began as a pop-up in the Baltimore area.  She was a model for brands like Versace, Guy Laroche, Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang and many more! She modeled in LA, NYC, Asia and Italy and decided to put her career to the side to focus on life fulfillment. Although thankful for her time spent in the industry as it allowed for connections and guidance, she was not content on the quality of life it provided.

The BABE, her husband and best friend, has been a supporting role in the movement's growth.  The BEAR and the FOX, her two children [ the pups ] are often found greeting customers and taking the spotlight on social media. Together the BEAR, the FOX and the BABE are the greatest part of her life, and form her fourth pride and joy, BEAR FOX BABE.  

A majority of the inventory is sourced from distributors and showrooms in NYC and LA.  As the movement has developed over the years, Macy decided to begin focusing half of the inventory on vintage pieces. BEAR FOX BABE believes strongly in ending fast fashion and educating people on the importance of shopping for quality pieces that can be a part of our lives for years to come.  

BEAR FOX BABE, although young, has lived quite the journey, so far.  The most influential part of its journey was residing in a quaint cottage of historic town, Ellicott City.  It allowed for brand development and the focus on pieces that were of complete foxiness.  It was in the beloved cottage where BFB won Best of Baltimore, but also lost significant time because of a major flood.  Immediately after the town reopened began the buildout of our 'typical' storefront.  A year after opening a unanimous decision was made based off experiences to close the store front doors and BFB continues on as pop-up. NYC is most frequented and time has been spent developing the site and gaining traction to other selling platforms.

BEAR FOX BABE is currently located in Los Angeles where pieces our showcased at events on a weekly basis. Please visit our events page to see exact dates and locations.  Every step has lead to here and the future looks bright.  We look forward to evolving with you foxy babes, as we always have and always will.

 X X